I didn’t sign up for adulting

I’m in my second week of pre-student teaching !!! Yay!….except I’m more tired than I think I’ve ever been in my life. I’m at school at 7:15 meaning I have to wake up at 5:45 the latest. And that’s every weekday! But I’ve heard it all… “this is what being an adult is like”, “get used to it”, and “yeah now you know how I feel” from several adults in my life when they ask how I’m doing and I tell them truthfully. Now, if I’m being honest with myself yeah I’m a complainer, but only when I need help figuring out my predicament. So when I’m asked how I’m doing in my school placement I answer truthfully with “I’m more tired mentally and physically than I’ve ever been!”

If this is what adulting is count me out! But actually what I’m doing in the high school I’ve been placed at is so rewarding. I’ve been emerged in a culture I was not able to experience in private schooling my whole life. I see teenagers from many different social classes and I’ve been memorized at how the typical public high school works. If this is what adulting is as a teacher sign me back up! Waking up early is worth it when I can see my students in the morning and greet them with a smile even though I’m half a sleep. I know they are too, so I know they’re glad to see a friendly face bright and early in the morning.

My experience has been amazing so far. I’ve been able to see how my cooperating teacher connects with his students on a daily basis and it is so inspiring. I aim to connect with my future students in the same way. I’ve learned so many lessons in the week and a half I’ve been present in the classroom. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is that adulting can be super tiring and requires you to wake up much earlier than you’d like, but the outcome is a reward in itself. Butttt…. I do wish I was back in Georgia relaxing or to be 5 years old again and taking naps daily 😴

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