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Where to Find Unconditional Love


You guys, my boyfriend is truly amazing and I can’t stress enough how much unconditional love I receive from him on a daily basis. Those of you following along in my journey of blogging may have some of my posts which mention my religion and faith. This is another one, but written in a different light. I want to share how others can work in the same way Jesus does. Instead I’m going to tell you how everyday, normal, not Instagram famous, or insanely “rich” people can exemplify this unconditional love God loves us with. I’m going to show you how you can see God’s love in others.

First, lets backtrack. Sooo as crazy as it sounds God, yes God the almighty powerful and being who can LITERALLY do anything, loves us basically no matter what we do. Isn’t that insane?! The legit most powerful being who created the heavens and the earth will love you forever no matter your sins because you are His child. This blows my mind all the time. I’m definitely not perfect and I sin, yet God is more than willing to accept us and forgive us. Now this doesn’t mean you can go around sinning and think that in the end everything is fine because God loves you. He does, but you also need to be willing to repent and feel sorry for what you did. This should come easy to any normal human being who has sympathy and empathy, so don’t worry you’re fine lol. This unconditional love is truly amazing.

My boyfriend, a normal (well to an extent, but he’s the perfect kind of crazy to me), simple, non-extravegent, also sinful human being loves me with the same unconditional love that God does. I believe that God puts people into our lives to teach us lessons and man oh man have I learned a few with my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for almost 3 years now. I graduated high school and started college in a relationship with him and it was one of the best things God has done for me. I never truly understood how God could love me unconditionally. I mean I sin, I’m far from perfect, and I definitely get mad at Him sometimes, so how could He love me? It’s simple. He loves me in the same way my boyfriend does. Simply because of love.

I can be REALLYYY crabby with my boyfriend, yet he always reminds calm and tries his best to understand what I’m going through. I was there for me when I was having many anxiety attacks due to changes in my life, like school. He does so much for me even when I know I irritate him. Simple things, like giving me a chocolate Moonpie when he knows I’m physically in pain, buying me food literally wherever we go because he knows I’m always hungry, checking the clearance racks at Target with me to see if there’s any cute clothes, and driving an hour every week to attend church with me. God is this SAME WAY! God is willing to help us through our tough times by doing simple acts like those. Maybe we don’t see them all the time because we aren’t willing to look close enough at what God is doing in our lives.

God loves you in the exact same way He loves me. God gave me an answer to my question about unconditional love by giving me a physical example, my boyfriend. Look no further for unconditional love than your family and friends. I know God put people into your life as well who are the perfect example of how He loves you.

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