Mother Nature at Her Finest

Hey y’all! I recently returned home after my spring break to Lookout Mountain down south and I’m still in awe of how gorgeous Mother Nature is. I’m yearning to be back in the crisp mountain air and the spring sunshine already.

I totally recommend Lookout Mountain for your next spring break destination. A bit of the mountain is in Tennessee and the rest is in Georgia. I spent most of my time hiking on the Georgia side of the mountain in Cloudland Canyon State Park. I’m so incredibly thankful to have spent time relaxing and hiking over 8 miles in Georgia.

The air is crisp about 2000 feet above sea level on the mountain. The incomparable sound of rushing water as you hike closer to the gorgeous waterfalls is a reward in itself. Lookout Mountain continues to amaze me as this is my second spring break visiting. The mountains truly called and I went. No inspiring message here just Mother Nature showing off ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒŽ

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