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3 lessons I’ve learned in my first two years of college

My sophomore year is starting to wrap up, as spring break is 3 weeks away and I technically only have 4 weeks left of classes. I feel older and wiser knowing in a few months I’ll be an upper classwomen. And then only 2 more years left…and I feel like I’ve done nothing in the past two years! Time has flown by my friends, but I suppose that’s how most college experiences are.

Because I’m feeling older and wiser I thought I would share 3 lessons I’ve learned in my past two years of college. I trust God will place this information in the hands of those who need it the most.

Prepping for college was super nerve-wrecking for me. I cried, I got frustrated and I definitely took it out on my family and boyfriend. Over the past couple years I’ve learned how to deal with the frustration and overwhelmingness (is that a word?) of college. Now my my sophomore year will be over before I know it and I’ve learned these three things:

  1. Phone calls and video chats are a Godsend. On the daily I call my mom about two times, and my boyfriend likes to check in on me after most of my classes. Hearing the voices of the people I miss after a stressful day of presentations, or honestly just going to class is one of the best forms of self-care I can think of. Every night my little brother calls to say goodnight and I look forward to catching up on his school day and what’s happening at home. Not only hearing the voices, but video chatting and seeing everyone I love is so much fun! Knowing I will get to video chat with either my family or my boyfriend at the end of the day gives me the boost of encouragement I need to continue plowing my way through the day.
  2. If you can have 2 days of no classes during the week, schedule your classes this way!! Currently I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free and I’m loving it. I get to wake up when I want to/need to, schedule any appointments or go to my professor’s office hours whenever I want to, and I have usually about 6 hours homework time before my nannying job starts. I get so much done in my two days off. Yes, that means I have 4 classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and 3 on Fridays, but with all the time I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have more than enough time to get my homework done, do some laundry, and watch a little Netflix.
  3. Your school facilities and staff are there to help you. I’ve been receiving counseling sessions with a counselor on campus and recently have begun the application process of receiving housing accommodations for my anxiety. Every staff member I have emailed or met with has been more than willing to help me and never makes me feel like a bother. They are there to do there job, and their job is to help students like me. Don’t be afraid to go to any services provided by your campus because you’re worried they won’t be able to help you. That’s their job!

All those lessons seem really simple right? But, they did take me almost 2 years to learn. College is scary I’ll admit it; anxiety can completely override your ability to want to be in a community. These 3 lessons I’ve learned have helped me grow and start adulting whether or not I want to be an adult yet 😂

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