Acne vs. Dairy

Hey y’all, superrr vulnerable post here. For the past few months I have been suffering from cystic acne. I’ve been prone to acne since my teenage years, but nothing like what’s been happening lately: puffy, red, tender to the touch acne on my cheeks. I was so annoyed that as soon as one flare up would disappear another one had already appeared. I don’t wear makeup and was not willing to cover up my acne because I was afraid it would only make it worse anyways. So I was left with cheeks that made me super embarrassed, feeling like people would think I didn’t wash my face.

The first few flare up I thought nothing about because like I said before acne was something I’m pretty used to. I figured I should wash my face more, or maybe my cycle was starting again.

WRONG. I let this go on for a couple months and then realized with washing my face day and night with essential oils and such that my acne was not getting better. So, I did some research because I was getting to the bottom of this.

I found something interesting and a bit upsetting for myself…dairy was the probate culprit of my cystic acne. Dairy is an inflammatory that can easily affect your skin. So the internet was telling me that I shouldn’t eat cheese curds, or shamrock shakes anymore? Yeah, right.

But truth be told, I figured I might as well give it a shot. I set that as my main goal for the new year, to make it all of January without dairy. Let me tell ya, it was hard! I went through what I call “cheese withdrawls”. I craved any sort of dairy within a week of giving it up, nonetheless I persisted.

And folks I did it!

Minus the accidental cheese I had to pick off of my burger when I accidentally ordered a cheeseburger out of habit. But this accidental cheese taught me a lot. About an hour after eating that burger my stomach was in knots because despite having picked the cheese off little bits remained on the bun. So this accidental cheese taught me that dairy isn’t really my friend. Annnnd guess what?! I broke out about 3 days later!

I was taken aback by how much dairy can have an affect on my skin. My skin became much clearer and less red. I haven’t had a cystic breakout since off of dairy. My face doesn’t hurt constantly due to swollen spots on my face and I feel more confident. Stress can also have a major affect on acne, and I felt that as my acne cleared up due to no dairy intake I was less stressed about how I looked.

Now it’s February and I’ve cheated a lot and suffered the consequences. I’m set on making March a no dairy month because I’m not a fan of my cystic acne (but I don’t think anyone is). Almond milk and almond milk yogurt are my new best friends. Both are super yummy and thick, so they are great in smoothies!

Moral of the story: dairy beats acne. It completely overpowers it. Dairy can also be rough on your stomach and intestines, so limiting your dairy intake especially if you have cystic acne is the best route to go. Also you are not your acne, so figure out the root of the problem and solve it!

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