Two ways we made Valentine’s Day stress free

Does anyone feel like Valentine’s Day brings a lot of guessing and assumptions regarding your significant other?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now (time really does go by when you’re having fun) and with each Valentine’s Day that passes we discuss how much we’re going to spend on one another. This is stressful, especially because he has recently begun working and I’m in college. There’s not a lot of money to spare.

Both of us acknowledge the fact that money is not important in our relationship, but simply being together is more than enough to make us happy.

This year we went sturgeon spearing, as a Valentine’s Day date. Ironically we both didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day that we had planned something until the day before. This date was completely free and such a fun experience for both of us!….although I did fall asleep as soon as we got to the shack and woke up when my boyfriend threw trail mix across the hole at me 😂

We had agreed that 10 dollars was the max we would spend on each other for presents about 2 weeks before V-day. He got me a big elephant stuffed animal that I may or may not have begged him for and I put together a cute DIY project with his favorite candy (featured in the picture).

Valentine’s Day was stress free because we:

1. Planned a date (even though we didn’t realize it at the time) that was completely free and a fun experience for us both. I’ll definitely be going out sturgeon spearing again with my boyfriend.

2. Determined a max for how much money we were going to spend. And we both were very happy with our gifts!

Super simple things that we didn’t even realize would make Valentine’s Day stress free, changed our whole V-Day game.

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