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Life’s Lesson Plan

I’m in my third week of sophomore block, a semester long program for education students, and I am overwhelmed! In each class we are learning how to write lesson plans, develop meaningful class discussions, or just figuring out what our future students will need to know. All this information is definitely overwhelming and I have even more respect for teachers than I already did.

Now, I am prone to becoming more frustrated than need be. Soooo maybe I’m just freaking out over nothing lol. But, when I think about it…what even is a lesson plan? A teacher comes up with his/her own ideas of how to plant an idea and teach students what they believe is essential information and then goes forth with this plan. When I put the idea of a lesson plan into words it seems easier.

As I was writing my first lesson plan for one of my education classes I began to think about how nice it would be if there was a “lesson plan” for life. What if there was someone who could teach me everything I needed to know for the day and prepare me for the “test” to come. Now, being the Jesus freak that I am I immediately connected this thought with my faith.

There is someone who is teaching me everyday! There is someone who is preparing me for the ultimate “test”, judgement day. God is the teacher of life’s lesson plan. This simple thought was enough to calm me down and know that I have God has my teacher for life. What can’t I accomplish with the most amazing teacher by my side?!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to be done? If you do, know that God is there! He will never forsake you, nor leave you. His life lesson plan is the most important teaching of all. All the information I need to know is in His word. If I study His word I will be ready for whatever life test is next.

Now I just need a lesson plan to teach me about writing a lesson plan!

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